C06 // RSVP

C06 // RSVP

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RSVP cards are traditionally designed for guests to fill out and mail back to the couple. We’re a sucker for paper (obviously) so we love good old fashion mail. That said, you can also use this card to convey digital RSVP-ing information without over-crowding your invitation. Let us know how you will be using your card and we’ll adjust the design accordingly. RSVP cards are printed on beautiful 100-120lb card stock.

Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.25”

Minimum order: 10

Customization: Once you add an item to your cart a form will display for you to fill out with all of the details we need to capture in order to create your semi-custom paper goods.

Quantity Pricing: In order to offer you the best possible price, quantity pricing is in effect. Please first select the correct quantity range for your order and then confirm the exact number you wish to order. For orders greater than 150 pieces, contact us directly for pricing.

We’re in the process of offering different colour selections for all of our suites. If you see a design that you’d love in a different palette, let us know in the “additional details” section of the check out form and we’ll email you back with some options.

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